Our Mission

Faming Me...sowing the soul combines mindful practices with  nature.  Farming Me intentionally exposes children to the commonsense rules of life on a working farm.  Through play and interaction, children will learn to approach life with greater gratitude and free their soul to allow for peace and joy


Mindful practices: A way of being; focusing our breathing, our senses, our thoughts as they occur in the present. (yoga, art, mindfulness, music, body awareness, meditation, sensory awareness)


Farm Life: Exposure to the natural cycle of life by observing nature and animals on a working farm – bringing about positive emotions which calm and restore us. (farm animals, sheep shearing, egg hatching, grooming, feeding, bird watching)


Rule of nature: Everything in nature has a purpose, including humans. With intention we can own our happiness and control our response to our own life. (stream play, outdoor learning, barn play, wagon rides, gardening, fishing, farm environment)