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Come join in the fun!

Farming Me… sowing the soul is offering two four day experiences in June as well as single Play Day farm experiences in July for children  of various ages. Our goal is to unplug kids, have outdoor fun, and get back to basics. We have built an awesome community of teachers and local artists who share in the Farming Me vision and will participate in the Summer 2022 Experience. We have many farm adventures planned such as fishing, stream play, interaction with the animals, bird watching, and general play along with 2 featured session daily to expose the children to a variety of mindful practices to include yoga, meditation, journaling, art, or music. Every day will be made unique by each artist's distinctive style and farm activities that will

remain consistent with age appropriate adventures.


                          Come play and experience nature at its finest!



                                      We have FUN things planned!!                                        


              To Register:

  • Send in General Release, Covid-19 Release, and Registration form and email us at to sign up!

  • Email us with any questions

  • We accept cash, check (Farming Me) and Venmo (Raine Archer )                              


IMG_8953 (1).JPG

2022 Summer Experience

Farming Me

Farm Environment

Stream Play

Outdoor Learning

Farm Animals

Chicken Coop

Barn Play



Sowing The Soul

Growth Mindset


Mindful Practices

Art/Self Expression


Creative Movement

Developmental Play/Back To Basics

Creative Play

Bird Watching/Forest Bathing

Mind-Body Exercise Connection

Sensory Walks



We'll let you know when our next Experience is announced!

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